Welcome to the Master’s Study!

Who is The Master’s Study?

We are more than just a “homeschool group.”  We don’t exactly fit the traditional notions of a school or academy;  we aren’t a cooperative;  and we’re a bit more than a group that meets at the library every third Tuesday.

Our focus is to inspire a love of learning that grows out of a true liberal arts education. Meeting weekly, The Master’s Study is a true tutelage – a program that enhances a home educator’s existing program through a study of the liberal arts from a historically Classical Christian perspective.

In true Classical style, our lower school (PreK-8th grade) rotates on a four-year historical cycle that includes the Ancients, the Middle Ages, Early America, and Modern Times.  Additional studies include art, music, recitation, science, and Latin.

Our high school program builds on the very seeds we plant in the youngest of students.  Meeting twice weekly, these students study a humanities core of history, literature & composition, logic, and rhetoric while opting into other electives such as math, science, and language.  Juniors and seniors earn dual credit as part of their studies; our dual credit partner is Indiana Wesleyan University.

The Master’s Study currently operates on the northwest side of Indianapolis and welcomes students in PreK through high school.

Want more information?  Contact us! or register for one of our upcoming open house events.

Interested in learning more about The Master’s Study?  Review our Statement of Faith and Guiding Principles.